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About Snazz

The Snazz mobile app is dedicated to empowering users in cultivating healthier digital habits. It achieves this by offering tools and insights that enable individuals to leverage technology to enhance, rather than detract from, their overall well-being.

The Problem

As the world relies heavier on technology in daily routines, it has been shown to have negative consequences on our physical and mental health. As a result, there have been various productivity and mental wellness applications made available, but few that focus on measuring and encouraging the reduction of digital screen time. Before the redesign, Snazz lacked the components that set itself apart from its competitors. Snazz’s minimum valuable product (MVP), though effective, left users asking why they should use it over already having access to Apple’s Screen Time feature. Moreover, the outdated interface contributes to a lack of user interest in utilizing the app.


September 2023 - January 2024


UX/UI Designer


User Research

Mobile Interface Design

Usability Testing


Mobile App


Figma, FigJam

Competitive Analysis

We downloaded multiple competitor applications to analyze their core features and missed opportunities. We compared 8 different productivity applications focusing on features that Snazz intends on implementing in future versions. With Snazz users in mind, we analyzed key features for time management, goal setting, social sharing, schedule automation, and screen time tracking.


I compared notes with fellow designers on the team to prioritize potential features and built out user flows to illustrate the step-by-step actions that users would take.

Onboarding Flow

Onboarding user flow.png

Screen Time Visuals Flow

Screen Time Visuals Feature User Flow

Leaderboard Flow

leaderboard user flow.png

GeoSession Flow



Once we developed clear and intuitive user flows for the prioritized features, we began ideating low fidelity designs for:

Driving Feature

driving feature.png

Leaderboard Feature

leaderboard feature.png

Screen Time Visuals

screen time feature.png


geosession feature.png


We are currently conducting usability tests on the app as our developers begin implementing partial areas of the redesign deemed 100% complete. Although many parts of the redesign are not currently being tested, the user feedback is validating many of the major changes we intend on implementing.


As we currently conduct usability tests and user interviews, we are recognizing the impact of how these user insights can help make informed design decisions. A big learning moment for me is understanding that user research; such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing on the current product, should be thoroughly conducted and evaluated before going into design ideation. In doing so, it may ensure that I am designing for features that are meeting users’ needs effectively and efficiently based on data rather than assumptions.

Our next steps are to conduct 8-10 usability tests on the redesign to gather user feedback for future iterations. 

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